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    Girdy spent her youth with a hunger for drugs, booze, and sexual exploration.  Becoming an old woman has done nothing to curb her appetite.  Girdy believes that family is essential, but only when she needs something.









Bernie Character

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   Barney is Girdy’s son. “Slow” is the perfect word to describe his personality. Barney is easily forgotten about, but he doesn’t seem to mind.  Before retiring, he worked as a unsuccessful salesman.  Barney’s hobbies include eating, sleeping, and pooping.








Carol Character


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     Carol is the dutiful housewife of Barney. She tries her best to serve her entire family but most of her time is spent cleaning up Girdy’s messes. Although she has a complete lack of humor, Carol is made out of patience and virtue. If you ask Girdy, she will say that Carol is only made out of blubber and cellulite.             







Glen character

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Glen is the openly gay son of Carol and Barney. Before coming out of the closet, Glen was married for several years.  After his divorce, Glen moved in with his parents and he never left.    Some nights, he can be found performing “drag” under strange aliases.










Britney character

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  Britney is Glen’s daughter from his previous marriage. Despite her good looks and charm, Glen finds her to be an ugly nuisance. Some might say that Britney is the Marilyn Munster of the family.