About story headerWith a paper-thin commitment to her family, Girdy lives her twilight years as a junkie boozehound. This cockamamy comic follows Girdy as she makes every wrong turn on the highway to hell.





girdy about title

      I was a squeaky voiced middle schooler when I first created  Ol’ Girdy. The hag first appeared in a short series I created about a multigenerational family. The series centered around a high school girl who lived with her father and grandparents.  Often, The girl would visit her great grandmother, Girdy, at a dysfunctional retirement home.  In those days, Girdy did nothing more than smoke cigarettes and make cracks on celebrities.

     When I showed folks my cartoons they seemed to only give two shits about Girdy.  I decided to push the character further by giving her the moral judgement of a dysfunctional teenager.  When bored in class, my friends would ask me to draw Girdy sketches in their school planners.  The old bat was well received.  She even pulled a quick stunt in the school newspaper, although she had to seriously clean up her act.

     As I drifted off to college, I would occasionally pick up a pen and pay Girdy a visit. In 2005, my original comic book was stolen while I was studying abroad.  I tried to start over, but my heart wasn’t in it anymore.  A few years ago, I came across a chapter that had somehow survived the theft and I became inspired to revamp the comic.  After making a half-assed attempt at submitting to publishers, I decided to move Girdy to the web. Like a hillbilly’s rifle, Girdy is fully loaded and ready to cause senseless harm.